Saturday AM: Yak and Company with Judith MacKenzie

No longer available

Instructor: Judith MacKenzie

Yaks have a mysterious past and a very long history. Of all the animals we have domesticated, yaks are one of the oldest, their partnership with us going back to the Stone Age some 10,000 years ago. Yaks have beautiful fiber, and luckily for us, it has recently become available for handspinners. In this class, we’ll spin pure yak-down fibers, prepared top and some beautiful blends, dyed and undyed.

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Skill Level: Beginner challenge and up; must be able to spin a continuous thread.


  • A working wheel and all its parts; any other spinning accessories you prefer to use
  • Class fee includes a $15 materials fee for beautiful fiber

Cancelled class registrations are eligible for a refund (minus a $20.00 cancellation fee per class) until September 30th, 2018. After that date, there are no refunds for class cancellations unless your seat can be filled from a waiting list ($20.00 cancellation fee still applies). To request a refund or transfer of class registration please contact us. Materials fees are fully refundable.