Saturday ALL DAY: No Risk, All Reward Steeks with Ann Weaver


Instructor: Ann Weaver

Eyeing colorwork cardigan patterns? Tired of working purl rows on Stockinette cardigans? Afraid to cut your knitting? Overcome your fear with NO RISK!
In this workshop, we’ll steek old or thrifted sweaters (bring your own or purchase one from Ann’s collection). You don’t have to knit anything in preparation! You’ll work through all the steps of steeking a sweater, and you’ll be ready—and excited—to steek your own work.
We’ll be doing crocheted and hand-sewn steeks on our sweaters. Ann will demonstrate and provide examples of both methods and discuss the pros and cons of each. You’ll leave the workshop with a booklet of photo tutorials for all the techniques discussed.
Skills Learned:
• How to crochet a steek (no crochet experience necessary!)
• How to hand sew a steek
• How to cut a steek
• How to pick up stitches for a buttonband
• How to knit a buttonband
• How to perform other modifications, such as shortening the body, changing the sleeve length, and changing the collar
• How to add ribbon facing to cover your steek

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Skill Level: Intermediate; comfortable knitting and purling and following patterns, and comfortable picking up stitches.


  • One or more sweaters to steek – OR – good quality thrifted sweaters in a variety of sizes will be available to purchase for $12/each from the instructor (please bring correct change).
  • If you bring your own sweater, it should meet the following criteria:
    • 100% wool or nearly 100% wool
    • Gauge no smaller than 8 stitches/inch
    • No fancy texture patterns (simple cables and ribbing are OK, colorwork is encouraged)
    • Beware of complex collars – the more complex, the harder to steek (unless you’re up for a challenge!)
    • Lighter colors are better for first-time steeking
  • Yarn: around 50 yards of “sticky” fingering weight wool yarn (i.e. NOT superwash) for crocheting steeks.
  • Yarn to knit your buttonbands – you can use your steeking yarn or another yarn.
  • Crochet hook size B or C
  • Circular knitting needles in a variety of sizes, US 4-7
  • Sharp scissors
  • Sharp pointed tapestry needle (large enough to thread with fingering weight yarn)
  • Safety pins or locking stitch markers


  • None

Cancelled class registrations are eligible for a refund (minus a $20.00 cancellation fee per class) until September 30th, 2017. After September 30th,there are no refunds for class cancellations unless your seat can be filled from a waiting list ($20.00 cancellation fee still applies). To request a refund or transfer of class registration please contact us. Materials fees are fully refundable.