Sunday AM: The Joy of Swatching with Clara Parkes


Instructor: Clara Parkes

That’s right, swatching can be a joyous exercise! This three-hour hands-on workshop explores both the technical and existential elements of swatching. We look at why we swatch, the mechanics of a good swatch, and what it will teach us. We also go one step further and look a swatching as more than a means to gauge, but as a valuable exercise all is own. You’ll emerge with a broadened understanding of, respect for, and fondness toward the act of swatching.

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Skill Level: Ability to cast on, knit & purl


  • Assortment of knitting needles sizes US 5-9 (3.75-5.5mm); the more varied the needle material and tip type, the better


  • None

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