Sunday AM: Intermediate Drop-Spindling with Sultana Charania


Instructor: Sultana Charania

It’s time to take your spindling to the next level! Sure you can spin a continuous thread, but can you control your diameter? How about spindling with a long draw? A quick draw? And have you plied yet? This class is where you take your talent for makings things go ’round and start making truly useful yarn.

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Skill level: Previous spindle spinning experience, must be able to spin a continuous thread.


  • Spindle
  • Class fee includes $10 materials fee for fiber

Cancelled class registrations are eligible for a refund (minus a $20.00 cancellation fee per class) until September 30th, 2017. After September 30th,there are no refunds for class cancellations unless your seat can be filled from a waiting list ($20.00 cancellation fee still applies). To request a refund or transfer of class registration please contact us. Materials fees are fully refundable.