Saturday PM: Charts Made Simple with JC Briar

No longer available

Instructor: JC Briar

The symbols of a chart take the place of written instructions, telling you what stitches to work. But a good chart does so much more, showing you what the knitted fabric should look like. In this class, you’ll learn to read charts, making sense of their symbols and using them to keep your knitting on track and to minimize mistakes.


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Skill Level: Basic knitting experience


  • smooth, light colored, worsted-weight yarn
  • needles of a size appropriate for your yarn


  • None

Cancelled class registrations are eligible for a refund (minus a $20.00 cancellation fee per class) until Sept 30, 2018. After that date, there are no refunds for class cancellations unless your seat can be filled from a waiting list ($20.00 cancellation fee still applies). To request a refund or transfer of class registration please contact us. Materials fees are fully refundable.